Pay Monthly Managed Websites

We become your digital team. We discuss your website over the phone, then design, build & deploy your website online.

We continue to manage your website, make any updates & advise you going forward, for as long as your a customer.

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What's included

Our pay monthly web design and development packages use the best web technology and offer fast 24/7 support.

Free Domain Name

You get a free domain name for your website and help you find the best one for your business. All domain renewals are covered within your subscription.

Fast Hosting

Our hosting is extremely fast & reliable, we manage everything for you to keep your website online and backed-up.


We create websites with SEO in mind. Our team will ensure your website is search engine friendly and research the correct keywords for your business.

Fully Responsive

Mobile now leads the way for most website visitors, so you can rest assured that your website will perform brilliantly across all devices.

24/7 Unlimited Support

Reliable support from our team of developers & marketing experts. Should you need adjustments to website content, or just general advice, we are here to help.


Your dashboard will keep you updated with the latest information on your website, from traffic & conversion analytics to recent updates and marketing opportunities.

Secure Websites (SSL)

SSL certificates are provided with all website to keep your website visitors safe & secure. This means your website will run using https:// and browsers will display the secure padlock.

Content Changes

You can request as many content updates as you wish & ask as many questions as you like. We actively prompt you to engage with us to promote your business.

Pricing Plans

We offer everything you need to get going, all included in our simple plans, paid monthly or yearly. We also offer some optional extras…


Informational Landing Page, has info about the business & contact page.

$99 /mo

Buy Base

What's included

  • A professionally designed website.
  • Unlimited edits
  • Built-in contact form and location info
  • Hosting, domain name & 3 email accounts included


All the basics for starting a new business

$299 /mo

Buy Starter

What's included

  • Everything in base plan
  • Improved UX, Animations and Effects
  • Integrated tracking and analytics
  • Hosting, domain name & 6 email accounts included


All the basics for starting a new business

$799 /mo

Buy Startup

What's included

  • Everything in base and starter plan
  • Stripe, and Mpesa Ecommerce Payments
  • Integrated Uptime Monitor, Tracking and Analytics
  • Hosting, domain name & 12 email accounts


All the basics for starting a new business

$1299 /mo

Buy Enterprise

What's included

  • Everything in all available plans
  • Accept Payments with any external API's
  • Priority Updates
  • Improved Uptime Monitor, Tracking and analytics
  • 3rd Party External API Integration
  • Hosting, domain name & unlimited email accounts

Frequently asked questions

Am I limited to a set number of pages?
Not at all, our base plan comes with up to eight professionally designed pages. If you need more, these can be added along with any other add-ons, which can be seen on the dashboard. Keep in mind that we do offer unlimited revisions and updates if you have a monthly or annual plans. During your subscription you can downgrade add-ons as well as upgrade, giving you flexibiltity over trying new things, running promotions and developing landing pages.
Can I have videos on my site?
Yes! Videos are proven to increase, engagement and convert customers. If you have a video you'd like to include within the website, please send it to our team during the website development. You can always add video later, just make an update request via your dashboard.
Can I keep my current domain?
Yes you can. Simply let us know what your current domain is and when your new website is ready to go live, our team will make the required updates to use your exiting domain name.
Do you do hosting?
Yes! This is included in the cost per month and is not optional. In order for us to maintain our system and workflow to manage website updates, all sites must be hosted within our network. If you would like more information on where we store your website data, please contact us on: We will be happy to share more information.
What happens if I leave after 12 months?
All of our contracts are for a year, so you have the option of discontinuing your website after one year. 14 days before the end of your annual contract, we send out an email to notify you of your contract completion. If you wish to stay, then you do not need to do anything, your account will automatically switch into a monthly rolling contract and you have the choice to cancel at anytime in the future.
What happens if I want to stop after 6 months?
Our contracts run for 12 months per website. Should you wish to cancel early, you can request for the website to be taken down and the domain removed. However, full payment for the year will still be due and non-refundable.