Solutions for growth

Where technical strength meets innovative business strategy, crafted to reach your goals, and tackle your biggest business challenges.


1. Mobile and Web Applications

A Lean development approach must rely on best practices. Regardless of the type of product we build together, our team will keep you in the loop and coach you through the Agile principles. We believe in transparency and understanding, granting our clients full access to the development process so that we can benefit from timely feedback.

Design & UX

Our graphic signature is without equal, providing a stunning visual with the utmost respect for the best practices in ergonomics and usability. Our expertise in user experience and graphic design ranges from image manipulation to interface designs, covering everything in between.


Exposing data is one thing. Harnessing information and presenting relevant, meaningful metrics is a whole different game. Historical and semantic searching, relational data structures and geolocalization are just some of the features we can add to your data and platforms to increase their potency.

Newsletter & Blog

Express your ideas and opinions through a blog and interact directly with your community. Tap into your social media presence and engage efficiently through a newsletter to maximise your impact. Go beyond simple mass-mailings and idle signups and get detailed profiles in order to better target your market.


Add transactions to your web platforms. Let your users checkout online and offer them the possibility to complete an order or any other form of financial transaction. Manage sales reports, promotions, invoicing, even shipping!

ERP/CRM Integration

Unleash the potential of your existing data in your financial systems (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Our web platforms will connect seamlessly to your existing systems to provide an operational extension to your critical and strategic data.

Process & User Management

Your management applications must articulate your business workflows and all their specific administrative policies to stay in line with your reality. Concerning your users and their profile, subscriptions and membership, get all the tools you need to manage their information and renewals efficiently and securely.


2. Websites

Like everything else in the fast paced tech industry, website design trends are constantly evolving. Add to this the ever increasing expectations users have regarding performance and accessibility, ensuring an effective digital presence can seem like a daunting task.

We'll see to it that your website is bang up to date on all fronts! Desktop and mobile designs, reliable and fast hosting as well as an optimized user-experience are only part of the solutions our team is equipped to deliver. We’ll create a website that reflects your brand identity, showcases your values and is customized to your specific needs. Let us exceed your expectations.

  • Mobile Ready
  • Front-end multimedia integration
  • User Interface & Experience Design (UI / UX)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)


3. Strategy / Content

Over the years, we’ve gone through the motions of product development and explored approaches to digital content marketing. We are happy to offer this cumulated knowledge to our clients as a service. Our content architects specialize in crafting and implementing marketing strategies that empower businesses to connect, communicate and engage efficiently with their audience to build brand loyalty.

Our goal is to foster lasting relationships through sustainable online visibility, catering to the key performance indicators that are unique to your business. Essentially, we want to share our expertise and educate our clients so that they can master the the art of content marketing themselves.

  • Detailed strategy report and execution roadmap
  • Digital content marketing and social media moderation
  • Monthly coaching sessions
  • Brand identity brainstorming